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TechRadar Calls the M-Class “Superb”

TechRadar Calls the M-Class “Superb”

Our gaming PC line has received an extensive amount of coverage, with countless reviews touting their sheer power and performance. This time around, the technology news and reviews website TechRadar took some time to switch things up and review one of our workstation desktops, our M-class line to be precise. The review says the M-class is a “superb” workstation, calling it a good value for the money while praising its compactness which still allows a tremendous amount of expansion for users that need the extra power.

With the M-class, workstations break free from the conventional mold of powerful yet clunky PCs that take up a ton of desk real estate. When you need to add that extra power to improve your 3D rendering or run that processor hungry CAD application, the M-class easily lets you customize the PC to suit your needs. With the Intel Xeon processor, your software can utilize the high speeds to their optimum potential while our FROSTBYTE liquid cooling ensures better long term performance thanks to lower temperatures. Speaking of 3D, the M-class cases allow you to the flexibility of adding a pair of full-size workstation graphics cards so you can handle virtually any demanding task.

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