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ORIGIN PC Joins [email protected] Research Efforts Using Gaming PC Power

ORIGIN PC Joins [email protected] Research Efforts Using Gaming PC Power

ORIGIN PC and CORSAIR are putting out a call to action to all PC gamers and PC users around the world to join [email protected] to help accelerate the research of COVID-19. [email protected] works by simulating the dynamics of coronavirus proteins to aid in the discovery of potentially druggable pockets. 

To help with the computing efforts, ORIGIN PC and CORSAIR are raising awareness of the program and created a team to support [email protected] ORIGIN PC and CORSAIR employees are contributing their own PC power to the cause and encourage gamers to do the same if they can. 

The ORIGIN PC team is giving customers the option to have the [email protected] application preinstalled on their ORIGIN PC system before shipping. 

“Some of the most powerful equipment that the general public has access to is gaming PCs. Let’s all donate some of that power and put our high-performance PCs to work,” said Kevin Wasielewksi, ORIGIN PC CEO and co-founder. “High-performance gaming PCs are capable of performing a lot of operations very quickly, which makes them perfect for running the many operations required to simulate the complex environments inside human cells. ORIGIN PC is supporting [email protected], and we are asking that you do too. Please join our [email protected] team and donate unused PC power to accelerate the research of COVID-19.”   

You can join the ORIGIN PC [email protected] team here: https://bit.ly/2Uq19Dm  

For more information about how you can help [email protected] visit: https://foldingathome.org/2020/03/15/coronavirus-what-were-doing-and-how-you-can-help-in-simple-terms/

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