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ORIGIN PC, CORSAIR, Intel, and more upgrade Cliff B’s PC.

ORIGIN PC, CORSAIR, Intel, and more upgrade Cliff B’s PC.

ORIGIN PC has always been about exceptional performance, service, and customization. That’s why recently, we teamed up with Intel, Elgato, SCUF Gaming, and Robeytech. We gave the legendary designer behind games like Gears of War, Cliff B, a brand new system. We had the opportunity to visit Cliff and his wife Lauren to give them the experience of a lifetime. Both due upgrades, we stepped in to change that.

For Cliff, we provided a brand new Corsair One with a 12th Gen Intel Core i9-12900K. We gave him, a designer in need of power in compact form, the perfect fit. The revolutionary system satisfied his needs for a content-creation PC he could take with him anywhere. Ideas come and go on a whim, and with his ultra-portable system, he no longer feels tied down to his designated workspace.

Next is Lauren. A hardcore gamer, she received two setups – an ORIGIN PC MILLENIUM Gaming Desktop as well as a NEURON dedicated for streaming. Whether she’s focusing on livestreams or enjoying time alone to game, Lauren can make the most of either case.

All three systems are powered by an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 30 Series graphics card. Whether for gaming or creation, Cliff and Lauren are well-equipped to handle anything. No surprise, they were both more than happy with the experience.

To learn more, check out our web page or watch the video!

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