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Home Office Setup Tips

revamp your setup

Setting up your home office is a more difficult task than people realize. There are a lot of small decisions you can make that will increase comfort and productivity dramatically.

Position Your Desk Properly

Where you position your desk in your room can be very impactful. Take note of where the windows are, try to avoid positions where natural light is being cast onto your screen.

If possible position your desk/chair so that you can see out of the window and the back of your monitor is facing the window. This will allow you to have a consistent view of your screen no matter the time of day.

Buy Dedicated Conference Call Equipment

Conference calls are a way of life now for millions of workers. Taking these calls on your phone or trying to use a crappy laptop webcam and mic can make the whole process clunky and look less professional.

Picking up a standalone quality webcam, and speakerphone or mic will improve the quality of your calls dramatically. You can also leave these items in place to give your calls more consistency.

Pick up a Set of Speakers

Headphones are great, but wearing them for 8 hours a day is not. A pair of affordable desktop speakers will make taking calls where you don’t have to talk easier, and give your head a break for headphones.

Upgrade Your Internet

If you have been using a basic internet package, it may be time to upgrade. The added load on your network from conference calls and streaming services may be too much for slower internet connections.

Invest in Storage

You now have a whole host of new gear to manage. Picking up a storage shelf or filing cabinet can help simplify your workspace and keep things in order.

home setup decorationsCustomize your Office

Tweaking your office space to make it your own can help with productivity as well. Try bringing in posters or paintings you like, upgrade the lighting, or add some plants to liven up the room. You should even consider painting your new workspace.

Upgrade your Computer/Accessories

That old computer you have may be fine for watching YouTube videos, but is it capable of handling your day to day workload? Consider upgrading your computer and the accessories you use on a daily basis.

Make a Secondary Workspace

Sitting at the same desk by yourself everyday can start to wear on some people over time. Creating a secondary workspace in your home where you can quickly take calls, or pump out some work on a laptop can help break up your day.

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