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Best Computers and Worth It

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Best Computers and Worth It

When shopping for a PC, many people compare us to Alienware (Dell) and HP, and when you first think about this comparison, it seems like Apples to Apples. After all we both make computers.

Not everything is always as it seems, though. While we both make computers, we are very different. Much like comparing Porsche to Kia. Both are vehicle manufacturers, both travel from point A to B most days and they both have 4 wheels but they aren’t the same quality, nor are they the same price.

In this instance, we would be the Porsche of computers. Now that claim wouldn’t hold a whole lot of water without some supporting information, would it? Of course not. So here we go.



EVGA, NVIDIA, Components, Quality, Best Computers

We give you the choice of components that the others do not. You have no choice of motherboard, nor can you choose the size or efficiency rating of your power supply. We offer several EVGA power supplies on all models where they do not. Why you ask? Because these power supplies are made in bulk somewhere overseas for the entire purpose of being installed into that model Dell or HP you are configuring. Same with the motherboards. The power supply and motherboard are a critical part of your PC, because without it, it’s a giant paperweight. These are areas you should never skimp out on but with Dell and HP, you’re forced to take an inferior built bulk part with no premium options available.

Also… Brand names. This equates to quality. Much like the mystery power supply and motherboard mentioned before, you are offered hard drive options with Dell and HP that are generic. 275GB solid state drive? GREAT! Who makes it? Answer is… well, we don’t know.

We list the brands on our site because not all computer component manufacturers are created equal. We offer what we believe to be the premium manufacturers of each component which includes EVGA, Crucial, Samsung, Gigabyte and ASUS.



Tech Support, US Based, US Tech Support, Technical Support, Best Computers

We offer non-tiered lifetime US based tech support for all of our PCs that covers the computer hardware and Windows operating systems. This means if you are a Velocity Micro customer, you have tech support.

This also means you don’t need your credit card in hand when calling our tech team to troubleshoot any issues you are having. Our support team also has the ability to remote into your PC and handle the issue for you if it gets too complex. Again, at no additional charge.


Building Process

Hand crafted, Built by hand, Velocity Micro, Best Computers

A quick YouTube search will give you a variety of “inside the factory” videos for Dell and HP both. Pretty nifty process with all the robot arms and conveyer belts and the lines of random part placers along those conveyor belts.

We believe the “too many cooks spoil the sauce” sort of approach to PC building. When your order is placed our techs begin unboxing your components and piecing your PC together, by hand. We even hand tighten our screws, no drills.

Once the PC is built it goes through our 200 point QA process, which involves a full burn in/stress test and once the PC passes this rigorous process, it is carefully placed in plastic, hand taped, put into styrofoam inserts and hand placed into our shipping box.

3 people total touch your PC as it is built. Parts, Technician, Shipping. That’s it. All in Richmond, Virginia.



Professional Wiring, Cable Management, Hand Made, Best Computers

I could have easily placed this under building process, but our wiring is so immaculate, it has to have its own point. Each wire is carefully routed by hand for each and every component, which is not only an aesthetic benefit, but also can improve airflow. Many systems have their wires balled up, zip tied and then pressed down onto the motherboard and the side panel closed.

That isn’t exactly pleasing to the eye or doing favors for your core temps.


Computer Case

Computer Case, Lian Li, Aluminum, Chassis

Case is a case is a case, right? Not really. Certain materials conduct heat better than others. While that is grade school science, we don’t really think about that lesson and apply it to what is housing our computer components.

Rolled Steel and plastic are the materials of choice for Dell and HP cases. Not the most heat conductive materials, which is why we made an all-aluminum chassis for our PCs. The aluminum case acts like a giant heatsink and keeps your components cooler, which means your quality parts will last even longer.


No Bloatware

Bloatware, No Bloatware, best Computers, Made in USA

Most bloatware isn’t dangerous, but it can slow down your system and take up space on your hard drive. Why put additional software on new machines in the first place? It’s because including third-party applications is an additional source of revenue for those who include it.

We will never install anything you do not ask to have installed. All of those free trials of anti-virus software and 2 level games that you have to buy full versions of later will never be on a Velocity Micro PC.


Because of everything above, our PCs seem to just last and last, often years longer than PCs from the competition.

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